What is a Furcation Tube?

Different colors and materials for furcation tubing

A furcation tube is a type of jacketing that is used to organize and protect sensitive optical fibers. There are many different factors to consider when determining whether you need fiber optic furcation. At Opticonx, we offer a range of fiber optic furcation tubing solutions to meet the needs of various industries and applications.

What Is Fiber Optic Furcation?

Fiber optic furcation protects and organizes optical fibers after a cable has been accessed. Furcation tubing also adds a layer of strength to optical fibers, making them more durable and long-lasting. Depending on your particular application, furcation tubes are available in various colors to aid in cable organization. Fiber optic furcation is used for several reasons, but it is especially important in situations where cables need to be spliced or field terminated.

Fiber Optic Furcation vs. Breakout

Furcation and breakout tubing are both systems for organizing and protecting fiber optic cables. The ideal tubing solution depends on the application. Each option uses a different design to deliver performance benefits in its ideal application. Furcation tubing typically consists of an inner tube that is surrounded by fiber and jacketing. Breakout cables, known as fan-out cables, contain multiple jacketed fibers packaged within an outer jacket.

When To Use Fiber Optic Furcation Tubes

Fiber optic furcation tubes provide a supportive structure and protection for bare optical fibers. Furcation tubes rely on an inner tube with a protective jacket reinforced by aramid yarn, and they can resist shrinkage over a range of temperatures. As previously mentioned, one of the biggest reasons to consider fiber optic furcation involves the need for splicing or field termination.

Opticonx Fiber Optic Furcation Tubing Solutions

diagram for 2mm and 3mm duplex round for uniboot

Furcation tubing solutions from Opticonx come in a variety of configurations, including:

  • 900 Micron Furcation Tubing: This option is used to overtube 250 micron fibers for direct termination. Our 900-micron furcation offers industry standard protection and comes in several colors and materials.
  • 2MM Breakout Tubing: Our 2mm protective breakout tubing protects 250 and 900 micron fibers for direct termination. We offer custom configurations, zipcord, simplex, fiber diameter, and various material choices.
  • 3MM Breakout Tubing: Our 3mm breakout tubing protects 250 and 900 micron fibers for direct termination. We offer custom configurations, zipcord, simplex, fiber diameter, and various material choices.
  • 2MM and 3MM Duplex Round for Uniboot: This furcation tubing is specifically designed for unibot applications. It contains two 600 micron color-coded tubes and aramid yard for added strength.
  • Ribbon Breakout Tubing: We offer single-wall ribbon tubing for splice tray routing and ruggedized dual wall tubing with aramid yard for direct termination. Our ribbon breakout tubing is easy to identify with standard color-coding.
  • Custom/Specialty Tubing: We can design and engineer a custom furcation solution for your specialty application. We engineer your solution by implementing your specified material, shape, and dimensions.

Rely on Opticonx for Fiber Optic Furcation

Fiber optic furcation tubing comes in various styles to suit specific optical fibers, connections, splicing, and termination configurations. It provides a supportive, protective, and organizing structure for optical fibers. At Opticonx, we have been delivering world-leading customer service for our high-quality fiber optic furcation solutions since 1995. Our fiber optic furcation has rugged Kevlar reinforcement, resists shrinkage at hot and cold temperatures, and comes in a wide range of custom configurations with fast turnaround times.

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