Ribbon Breakout Tubing

Ribbon Tubing
  • Introduction

    Opticonx offers two types of ribbon breakout tubing. Opticonx ruggedized breakout tubing (P/N 7080RB-XXX) for 12 fiber ribbons of 250µm buffered fibers are available in 12 different colors. This tubing is used for breaking out bare 12 fiber ribbons to color coded tubing for terminating with MTP/MPO 12 fiber connectors. The tubing is constructed with an inner tube for the inserted fibers, a layer of aramid yarn for strain relief and connector crimping, and an overall color coded PVC jacket.

    A second version (P/N 7280RB-XXX) for breaking out, protection and management of bare 12 fiber ribbons for fusion and mechanical splicing is also offered. It is a single tube construction with no aramid yarn or outer jacket.

    All Opticonx products are made in the USA.

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12 Fiber Ribbon Tube ID Tube OD Jacket OD Operating Temperature Tube Material Jacket Material Application
Part Number Millimeters Millimeters Millimeters Celsius
1.30 x 3.80 1.80 x 4.30 2.30 x 4.70 -20C to +75C PVDF PVC MTP/MPO Terminations
7280RB-XXX* 1.60 x 3.60 2.40 x 4.40 2.40 x 4.40 -20C to +80C Hytrel N/A Mass Fusion Splicing


*Replace XXX with tubing color      
Blue = BLU Orange = ORG Green = GRN Brown = BRN
Gray - GRY White = WHT Red = RED Black = BLK
Yellow = YEL Violet = VIO Pink = PNK Aqua = AQA
Lime Green = LIM Tan = TAN Olive = OLV Magenta = MAG