Benefits of fiber optic cables

Users benefit from fiber optic cables in different ways:

  • Small Size: Some fiber optic cables are only about 2mm in diameter. This small size allows fiber optic transmission to take up less space.
  • Easy to Accommodate Increasing Bandwidth: It is possible to add new equipment to existing cable infrastructure with fiber optic cable because optical cables provide vastly increased capacity. With WDM (wavelength division multiplexing), fiber cables can be used for more bandwidth.
  • Light Weight: Fiber optic cables are lighter and thinner than copper cables. These qualities make them easy to install. Additionally, you can use custom fiber optic assemblies to carry light using optical fibers.
  • Extremely High Bandwidth: The volume of data fiber optic cables transmit per unit of time is far greater than that of copper cables.
  • Longer Distance: Signals can be transmitted to a greater distance using optical cables because they have low power loss.
  • Low-Security Risk: The fiber optic communication market is booming due to data security concerns and alternative raw materials. Thus, electromagnetic energy “leaking” through the cable cannot be used to detect the data transmitted, ensuring absolute data security.