Bulk Fiber Optic Interconnect Cable

Opticonx Fiber Optic Interconnect Cables are the perfect choice for manufacturers of cable assemblies.

From single fiber to uniboot style and MTP®/MPO connectors, Opticonx has the UL listed ONFR and OFNP cable to meet your most exacting requirements (LSZH also available).

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2mm and 3mm Simplex

2mm and 3mm Duplex

2mm 2 Fiber Round For Uniboot

  • Introduction
    Opticonx 2 Fiber Round cables offer a secure way to terminate today’s high density uniboot style connectors including LC, SN, CS, and MDC. Two 600um tight-buffered fibers offer added strength when terminating. The cable features aramid yarn strength members with a flexible flame-retardant plenum rated jacket. Choose from a variety of fiber types. Custom print legend available with minimum order.
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3mm 12 Fiber for MTP®/MPO

  • Introduction
    Opticonx 12 Fiber Micro-Distribution style cables are ideal for MTP®/MPO cables and fanouts. With a flame-retardant UL OFNP listing, these cables can be used just about anywhere. Twelve 250 micron color coded fibers make identification easy, and aramid yarn strength members make for a strong cable and secure terminations. Custom print legend available with minimum order.
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Custom Cables/Custom Extrusion

  • Introduction
    Looking for a custom fiber optic cable? Opticonx has the materials knowledge, extrusion capabilities, and experience to manufacture to your requirements. Have a custom fiber that you need buffered or made into a cable? Contact one of our sales representatives with your request for a fast custom quote. Short runs are welcome, and design consultation is available.
  • Capabilities
    • Buffering optical fiber
    • Jacketing optical fiber
    • Furcation tubing
    • Ability to process a wide range of materials
    • Standard and custom tooling
    • Short run and production quantities
    • Variety of colors
    • Custom print legends


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