Specialty Fiber Optic Solutions for Cabling Components & Systems

Specialty Fiber Solutions

Opticonx Specialty Fiber Solutions is composed of a blend of individuals, each with a unique skill set or discipline within the fiber industry, that are called upon to engineer, design, plan, and manufacture specialty products that meet (or in most cases exceed) customer requirements. We have longstanding relationships with vendors and suppliers that we leverage to ensure the highest quality components go into every assembly.

Our experienced technicians take great pride in producing highly customized products to meet the most demanding specifications. All products are thoroughly tested and inspected to ensure years of trouble-free service. Let us prove to you why we feel our Specialty Fiber Products are among the best the industry has to offer.

Couplers / Splitters

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    Opticonx offers a wide selection of couplers and splitters from single mode (SM), multimode (MM), and polarization maintaining (PM) fibers. Our standard packages provide options that will fit most applications, and our custom capabilities allow us to meet the most demanding requirements. We have a solution for your needs in the following categories:
    • (WIC) Wavelength Independent Coupler
    • (WFC) Wavelength Flattened Coupler
    • (WDM) Wavelength Division Multiplexing
    • Circulators
    • PLC Waveguide Splitters
    • Fixed Inline Fiber Attenuators
    • Isolators


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    If higher level functions and specifications are needed within a ruggedized small footprint, a module is the solution. At Opticonx we can incorporate almost anything from base level components up to custom interferometers into modules with many configurations or custom enclosures. Some include:
    • Mach-Zehnder and Michelson Interferometers
    • 1x8, 2x8, 1x16, and more, PLC Waveguides
    • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) applications
    • Custom applications for Medical, Telecommunications, Scientific, Industrial, Aerospace, and Defense
    • Low and high temperature solutions
    • Telcordia and Mil Spec compliance

Fixed Attenuators

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    Sometimes having too much power is just as bad as having too much loss. When a system is over saturated it may damage other components or it may not work at all. Instead of a network redesign, the simple solution would be an attenuator. A fixed inline fiber attenuator is incorporated into the system allowing it to be permanent and hidden within the system. When installed, the attenuator will reduce the signal by a set amount thereby protecting other components or allowing the system to be operational.
    • Available in small packaging up to inclusion in modules
    • 1dB to 50dB at your desired wavelength
    • Most fiber types are supported

Custom Passive Solutions

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    When you work with Opticonx, we listen to your needs and provide the solution that best fits your situation. If you have a custom design or need one created, our team specializes in providing innovate products to meet your specifications from base level components to complete systems. Opticonx Specialty Fiber Solutions offers a broad portfolio of customization capabilities allowing our customers to create products that meet their unique requirements:
    • Custom, standard, & ruggedized housings
    • Package 10, 26mm L X 2mm Dia, 316L Stainless Steel, up to 2 Bare fibers per side or 1 900um leads per side.
    • Package 20, 51mm L X 2.75mm Dia, 316L Stainless Steel, up to 4 bare fiber leads per side or up to 2 900um leads per side.
    • Package 30, 51mm L X 3.9mm Dia, 316L Stainless Steel, up to 4 bare fiber leads per side or up to 4 900um leads per side.
    • Package 40, 66mm L X 3.9mm Dia, 316L Stainless Steel, up to 4 bare fibers per side or up to 4 900um leads per side.
    • Package 50, 76mm L X 3.9mm Dia, 316L Stainless Steel, up to 4 bare fibers per side or up to 4 900um leads per side.
    • Package 60, Over Package, with reversible mounting holes, HDPE Black, 76mm L X 10.5mm W X 7.80mm H.
    • Package 70, Ruggedized Encasement Package, with reversible mounting holes, HDPE Black, 96mm L X 12mm W X 10mm H, Up to two 3mm cable leads per side or up to eight 900um leads per side.
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    • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) & path matching
    • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), is a key part of medical imaging. The components and modules Opticonx supplies are used in a wide range of medical devices and are highly customizable to meet your needs.
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    • Custom coloring, lengths & materials
    • Opticonx can fully customize the lead colors of our products to better integrate with customer’s projects. We can accommodate most lengths requested from the short leads to those with extensive lengths. Opticonx Specialty Fiber Solutions is uniquely able to adhere to the toughest tolerances in lengths and sizes. We have a wide range of materials available to fabricate your custom products from Hytrel, PVDF, PTFE, monocoil and more.
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    • Connector & termination options
    • The expertise at Opticonx allows us to offer a large selection of fiber optic connectors that can be installed on SM, MM, and PM fibers. Telcordia, MIL SPEC, or custom requests. We also can offer Low Reflection Terminations that prevent unwanted back reflection from unused ports.
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Opticonx Specialty Fiber Solutions offers a broad portfolio of customization capabilities allowing our customers to create products that meet their unique requirements:

Custom Packaging

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    When a custom coupler packaging solution is required, Opticonx offers a wide range of options from a compact 26mm L x 2mm D attenuator housing up to a fully enclosed impact resistant plastic housing with ruggedized furcation tubing. We only use high quality materials and low expansion alloys that can withstand significant temperature ranges. We welcome custom packaging requests and our lead times are a fraction of what you’ll find elsewhere.

Modules & Optical Decks

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    When your requirement calls for a higher density solution, an optical module may be the best choice. Interface options include but are not limited to ruggedized leads and integrated bulkhead adapters. Have a specification with tight tolerances? Custom modules and optical decks are our specialty. Opticonx can configure our modules with couplers, PLCs, circulators, and more. We also manufacture to MIL-SPEC standards with top quality and workmanship.


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    Polarization Maintaining (PM) Fiber is a powerful tool in precision optics. Special skillsets are required to terminate, splice, and test PM fiber. Opticonx has the expertise to supply PM couplers, modules, and terminations.

Path Matching

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    Optical fiber is often used as a sensor in the form of an Optical Fiber Interferometer. High accuracy measurements are critical in many scientific fields, especially fiber optics. Opticonx can build a custom interferometer based on your Michelson or Mach-Zehnder design.


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    With today’s variety of fiber types (including singlemode, multimode, and PM), the ability to properly fusion splice fibers across multiple platforms is an important skillset. Opticonx has the technical skills and capabilities to help with your new build, repair, or prototype.

Cable Assemblies

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    Opticonx, with in-house cable and furcation tubing manufacturing capabilities, has years of experience producing the highest quality standard and custom cable assemblies. Our experienced technical team produces terminations of the highest quality using state of the art termination, polish, and test equipment.

Termination: MIL SPEC and Telcordia

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    The team at Opticonx has the experience and the tools required to manufacture high quality, Made-in- the-USA fiber optic terminations that meet or exceed Telcordia, MIL-SPEC, and custom standards. With expertise in fibers, films, polish techniques, and connectors, Opticonx has the ability to handle virtually any request with guaranteed quality. We even have the ability to produce low reflection terminations on unused or unwanted leads to reduce back reflections.

Rapid Prototyping / Customization

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    With in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Opticonx is able to produce custom prototypes with fast turnarounds. Our unique ability to manufacture custom fiber optic cable and furcation tubing coupled with our in-house termination and testing capabilities allow us to produce custom products that meet the most demanding specifications.