• Introduction

    Opticonx Pre-Terminated Multi Fiber Cables are an engineered solution that brings outstanding value to a variety of installation types.  From small LAN and campus deployments to large scale Data Center and Hyperscale Data Center applications, pre-connectorized fiber cables save installation time and connector and cable scrap.  If you’re looking to bring your project in on-time and on-budget with quality product that just works, let Opticonx help engineer a solution for you.

    What makes Opticonx different?

    Opticonx has been an industry leader in cable, furcation tubing, and fiber termination for over 25 years.  Our strength is in our capabilities and our people.


    Opticonx manufactures fiber optic cable for indoor, indoor/outdoor, and outdoor applications.  With in-house cable design capabilities we are also able to engineer custom solutions for virtually any project.  Our products have been sunk to the depths of the ocean and launched into space.

    Furcation Tubing

    Anyone with the right tools and training can break out a fiber cable for termination, but it takes an expert with the right knowledge and capabilities to engineer a solution for the most demanding of applications.  Choosing the right furcation tubing based on materials, strength, size, and shape requires expertise and experience.  Opticonx is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of fiber optic furcation tubing.


    The seemingly never-ending push for higher and higher fiber densities and bandwidths has led to advances in connector miniaturization and performance.  New connectors are hitting the market and existing connector technology continues to advance and improve.  Opticonx works with connector manufacturers to make sure we are up to date on the latest advances in these technologies.  Whether LC, SC, APC, MTP or any other connector type, Opticonx will provide a quality product that will work now and well into the future.


    • In-house engineering
    • In-house manufacturing
    • Full customization capabilities
    • Full range of fiber types
    • Installation requires no special tools or training
    • Factory installed pulling eyes available


    • Ready for installation on arrival
    • No cable or connector scrap
    • Rapid deployment
    • Lower installation cost
    • All test documentation supplied

    Superior Quality, Long Term Reliability

    Achieving the best performance in pre-terminated fiber assemblies means quality every step of the way:

    • Termination procedures that ensure proper fiber preparation, epoxy handling and application, and connector crimp
    • Refined polish procedures that yield repeatable results in insertion loss, return loss, and end-face geometry
    • Interferometer test for end face geometry control
    • Test 100 percent of assemblies for insertion loss and return loss
    • Visual inspection for defects

    Value-Added Solutions

    Installing pre-terminated multi fiber cables into panels, enclosures, and housings saves time and money by eliminating the time required to perform this service on-site.  Organizing, cleaning, and installing fiber can be a hassle and introduces potentials for fiber breakage.  Opticonx has the experience and expertise to perform this task in a package that is easy to ship and install.  With in-house engineering we can also design just about any type of enclosure for a variety of applications.

    Put our experience to work for you

    Ready to see what Opticonx can do for you?  Contact one of our sales professionals today.  We have the in-house engineering support to make sure that your project receives the attention it deserves.

    All Opticonx products are made in the USA.