Fiber Optic Filter and Polarizer

Opticonx manufactures superior-quality custom fiber optic products for various industrial applications, requiring specialized fiber optic devices for dependable and high-speed data transmission. We specialize in custom fiber optic filter and polarizer solutions, which can be developed to meet your stringent and rigorous requirements for optimized performance.

What is a Fiber Optic Polarizer?

A fiber optic polarizer is designed to polarize the output from a light source or fiber and launch it into an output fiber. It allows linearly polarized light while blocking the orthogonal polarization from an unpolarized (or randomly polarized) light source. In addition, it can effectively attenuate light in unwanted polarization states or high extinction ratios.

While polarized and unpolarized light travels through optical fibers, unpolarized light travels with significant losses and distortions over large distances. It can negatively affect the quality of data transmission via optical networks, which is why fiber optic polarizers are utilized to provide the strongest and cleanest output signal.

These custom fiber optic products are commonly placed in-line in a fiber optic system to improve the extinction ratio of polarized signals. We also have circular fiber optic polarizer devices for specific applications. Our fiber optic polarizers are made from high-quality materials for durability and long-lasting performance.

Applications of a Fiber Optic Polarizer

Our specialty fiber optic polarizers are ideal in fiber optic networks with high-density data and measurement applications. More of its applications are as follows:

  • Fiber amplification applications
  • Polarization analysis
  • Polarization mode dispersion (PMD) monitoring
  • Polarization extinction ratio (PER) improvement

What is a Fiber Optic Filter?

A fiber optic filter is designed to connect to a fiber optic system to filter wavelengths and determine the light’s characteristics. Depending on its design and usage, it can reject or allow specific wavelengths to pass. At Opticonx, we have two types of fiber optic filter products available: low-pass or high-pass filters.

Low-pass fiber optic filters can only allow shorter wavelengths of light to pass through the filter. Meanwhile, a high-pass fiber optic filter can be employed in applications where longer wavelengths are required. These filters can also remove unwanted noise or reflections in fiber optic systems in aerospace and telecommunications.

We can customize and fine-tune your fiber optics filters to select narrow wavelength ranges. It can choose from specific incoming or outgoing wavelengths, which depends upon the configuration of the coupler.

Applications of a Fiber Optic Filter

Our custom fiber optic filters can be utilized in various industrial applications. As mentioned above, these are common in aerospace and telecommunications. More of its applications include:

  • Dynamic wavelength selection in DWDM systems
  • Optical performance monitoring
  • Suppressing optical amplifier noise
  • Field tunable optical noise filtering
  • DWDM signal separation

Trust Opticonx for High-Performance Custom Fiber Optic Solutions

We can configure your fiber optic polarizer and filter devices based on your project’s unique specifications. Regardless of the wavelength, extinction ratios, and insertion losses of your fiber optic cables, we can provide you with the most suitable and reliable custom fiber optic product.

If you want to learn more about our range of specialty fiber solutions, contact us today. Request a quote from our expert representatives, and we’ll kickstart your projects immediately!