Custom Network Cabling Solutions

Our Network Cabling Group offers a wide variety of custom fiber solutions: engineered product solutions for the most technical and demanding fiber optic applications. From cutting-edge data centers to unique LANs to high-performance computing (HPC), labs, Opticonx can design and produce the solutions you need. With decades of data and telecommunications industry experience, our management team is excited to put our knowledge to work for you. With the ability to produce custom products, short runs, prototypes, and production quantities, Opticonx welcomes every opportunity.


  • Introduction

    Opticonx manufactures a complete line of fiber optic cables for applications in LAN/Campus, CATV/Telco, Data Center, Interconnect, and OEM markets.

    Today’s fiber cables are tasked with a variety of specialty applications that call for unique design considerations. The materials and components used in a cable designed to work in a data center will differ greatly from those of a cable utilized in small cell installation. Why not work with a company that understands the challenges of engineering application specific cabling solutions?

    Opticonx has the capabilities to work with virtually any fiber type to deliver the solution you require for your network. Our engineering team specializes in taking a product from concept through design and all the way through manufacturing. Capabilities include buffering, cabling, and jacketing a variety of fibers in a wide array of constructions and colors.


  • Introduction

    The fiber optic connector is the interface that can make or break a properly functioning fiber network. The importance of a quality fiber termination cannot be overstated. A system can have the perfect cable design and the best breakout solution, but if the terminated connector on the end of the fiber fails, the entire network fails. Trust your fiber termination requirements to Opticonx, a leader in fiber optic connector termination technology.

    Opticonx has the expertise, tooling, and equipment to ensure that your terminated fiber requirements are met and exceeded. Experienced technicians have the training and knowledge to install virtually any industry standard fiber optic connector. From termination through polish, test, and inspection, Opticonx is the industry leader in quality terminated solutions.

    • Connector types: ST, SC, LC, FC, SMA, MMC, MTP®, MT-RJ and more
    • Ferrule types: Termini, MT, Wide variety of standard and custom ferrules


  • Introduction

    Opticonx offers fiber optic patch panels in a wide variety of pre-loaded and pre-cabled configurations to meet your exact network requirements. Our customized, factory-terminated and tested fiber optic patch panels can reduce installation time and costs while improving on the network quality and performance. These panels are available with a complete selection of LGX-style modular adapter panels (MAPs), for ST, SC, LC and MTP® connectors or pre-terminated MTP® to LC cassettes.

    • Rack mount
    • Wall mount
    • Custom configured


  • Introduction

    All of that fiber has to terminate somewhere. Opticonx Custom Fiber Solutions specializes in engineered cassette packaging solutions for specific applications. Whether it’s outdoors on a tower or inside an environmentally controlled facility, Opticonx can design or recommend enclosures and packaging solutions for your fiber project.

    • Custom configured
    • Custom cabled
    • Custom labeled


  • Introduction

    Our Network Cabling Solutions group can design and produce and type of custom fiber optic cable assemblies for your unique network requirements.

    • Glass types: Singlemode (SM) OS2, Multi mode(MM), OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5
    • Cable types: Simplex, Duplex, Multi-fiber (4-144), micro-distribution, loose tube, ribbon
    • Cable jackets: CMR, CMP, LSZH, Indoor/Outdoor
    • Connector types: ST, SC, LC, FC, SMA, MMC, MTP®, MT-RJ and more


  • Introduction

    Our Fiber Assembly Components group offers a wide variety of custom breakout and furcation solutions for all fiber types and cables from 1 to 3,456 fibers

    While often overlooked, the transition point from where a cable jacket ends to where the fiber termination occurs can be crucial to the performance of a fiber assembly. Opticonx Custom Fiber Solutions designs and manufactures breakout solutions for everything from single fiber cables all the way up to the high fiber count applications in today’s networks.

    Sizes range from 4 fibers to 3,456 fibers.

    Opticonx kits are designed to quickly and easily breakout most industry-standard cable constructions:

    • loose tube - stranded & micro distribution
    • loose tube unitube/central tube
    • ribbon cables
    • 250µM to 900µM fiber
    • 250µM or 900µM to 2.0 or 3.0µM fiber
    • All ribbon cables – round, rollable, flat or oval

    … all for direct termination with industry standard connectors.

    At Opticonx, we believe we stock the most extensive inventory of fiber optic furcation tubing in the industry. Better still, if we don’t have the type of fanout tubing your application requires, we can manufacture it. From single fiber buffering to high fiber count fanouts, Opticonx has the material and the expertise to find the solution that is right for your project.


  • Introduction

    Opticonx offers custom:

    • Cable constructions
    • Jacket colors
    • Tubing colors
    • Assembly and individual fiber length tolerances
    • Labeling
    • Loss ranges
    • Custom print legends
    • Adapter brackets
    • Attenuators