• Introduction

    Pre-packaged splice cassettes with 250µm single fiber or 12 fiber ribbon for splicing to multi-fiber intra and inter-building cables

    Xtreme+ Cassettes are available with OS2, OS2 bend insensitive, OM3 and OM4 fibers with 6 (SC only) or 12 fiber (SC and LC) capacity and include splice holder/organizer, splice sleeve(s), and factory terminated 250 µm pigtail(s) 1.5 meters long. They are available with SC or LC connectors/adapters in UPC or APC polish.

    Xtreme+ cassettes for splicing provide superior protection, strain relief, and fiber routing to individual fibers in an enclosed cassette with a see-through cover for easy fiber mapping and identification. They can be installed from the front or rear of the panel enclosure and virtually eliminate panel dress out and the associated risk of damage to individual fibers and connectors during installation.

    Xtreme+ splice cassettes can be mounted in any Opticonx patch panel or housing and can be made LGX compatible with optional LGX mounting brackets.

    All Opticonx products are made in the USA.

  • General Specs
    Fiber Count/Port Count 12/6 per Cassette
    Adapter Type Shutter LC/SC

    Adapter Color

    Aqua (OM3/OM4), Blue UPC (OS2), Green APC (OS2)
    Polarity Method A 
  • Optical Specs
    Insertion Loss Multimode <-0.25dB
    Insertion Loss Singlemode <-0.35dB UPC, APC<-0.50dB
    Reflectance Singlemode <-55dB UPC, <-58dB APC
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AA=OS2 14 = LC Multimode FB = 250uM Buffered Fiber
00 = 6*
BA = OS2 Bi Fiber 15 = LC Singlemode 01= 12
X+02 CB = OM3 31 = LC Singlemode APC RB = Ribbon
DB = OM4 02 = SC
32 = SC APC
*SC Connectors Only