• Introduction

    XD (Xtreme Density) is a pre-terminated solution panel from Opticonx, the worldwide leader in data center fiber cabling. XD provides the highest density in the industry and can be configured with different connector types, cable types and any pigtail length for a custom solution for your data center, SAN/LAN or central office.The foundation of XD is the Xtreme+ Cassette. Ask us today how we can configure XD for your network.

    All Opticonx products are made in the USA.

  • Features

    864 Fibers in 6U!

    High Density Fiber Deployments Made Easy

    Perfect for Hyperscale Data Center Access

    6912 Fiber Ports in a 48U Rack

    Modular Configurable Solution Available in 2U/4U/6U

  • Downloads
  • Pic of 2U 288 Version

    Opticonx XD 2U 288 Fiber Patch Panel - Ready to Install