PEK Series Pulling Eye Kits

for Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Cable

PEK Pulling Eye Kit

PEK Series Pulling Eye Kits

  • Introduction
    Opticonx Pulling Eye Kit
    Opticonx’s PEK SERIES pulling eye kits protect pre-terminated fiber optic cables during installation in conduits, ducts or risers. Available to be used with 2 to 96 fiber cables, pulling eyes saves time and costs by facilitating the installation of pre-connectorized multi fiber cables. The pulling eye is strain relieved directly onto the cable’s outer jacket, while housing the terminations in a protective sheath. As a result, no stress or strain is transferred to the terminations during the cable installation process. Available factory installed or in kit form for installation in the field. All Opticonx products are made in the USA.
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PEK-02 1 to 2 connectors .75" 125 lbs
PEK-06 3 to 6 connectors .75" 125 lbs
PEK-12 7 to 12 connectors 1" 125 lbs
PEK-24 13 to 24 connectors 1" 125 lbs
PEK-36 25 to 36 connectors 1.5" 125 lbs
PEK-48 37 to 48 connectors 1.5" 125 lbs
PEK-72 49 to 72 connectors 1.5" 125 lbs
PEK-96 73 to 96 connectors 1.5" 125 lbs