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 Uniboot LC Duplex Jumpers

Uniboot LC Patch Cord

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Opticonx Uniboot Polarity Switchable Patch Cords (jumpers) allow for fast and easy polarity change without the need for tools or special training. 

Choose fiber type and length, and if the length you require isn’t listed, please contact an Opticonx sales representative for a custom quote. Opticonx Uniboot Polarity Switchable Patch Cords feature high density, small form factor LC connectors mated to 2.0mm round duplex cable. These jumpers are used to connect switches or network devices in fiber networks directly or interconnect structured cabling systems in a fiber network. Polarity changes can be made in the field quickly, without the use of tools, to the correct fiber mapping polarity.

All Opticonx products are made in the USA. 


  • True Uniboot (one boot) design
  • Easily switch polarity (A/B, A/A) without tools or damage to fiber
  • 2.0 mini round cable design
  • Flexible plenum rated jacket for all plenum and riser applications
  • Bend insensitive fiber on all Multimode fibers, optional for Singlemode fibers
  • Fiber options: OM3, OM4, and OS2
  • 100% optical testing and reporting
  • Xtreme Low Loss (XL) and Low Loss (LL) performance options
  • Custom lengths, jacket colors and labeling options


Select fiber typeSelect connectorSelect performanceM = MetersLength
CB = OM314 = MultimodeL = Low LossF = Feet
DB = OM415 = SinglemodeX = Xtreme Low Loss
HB = OM5
BA = OS2
Xtreme Low Loss (XL)Low Loss (LL)Xtreme Low Loss (XL)Low Loss (LL)
Insertion Loss0.15 dB Maximum0.25 dB Maximum0,25 dB Maximum0.35 dB Maximum
Return Loss> - 25 dB Minimum> - 55 dB UPC / > - 65 dB APC
Durability500 Matings500 Matings
Repeatability< 0.20 dB< 0.20 dB
Operating Environment-40 C to 75 C-40 C to 75 C
Cable Retention20 lbs / 88 Newtons20 lbs / 88 Newtons
RohsRohs CompliantRohs Compliant